Water Efficiency Testing Project

Because Every Drop of Water Counts!

Why Care about Water?

Water is one of the most undervalued resource in the world which is taken for granted very often. Some of it gets wasted by our own negligence and at times it is the machines, the tools and the equipment around us that do not use it judiciously.

We need to remind ourselves that saving water helps to preserve our environment: reduce the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, and communities, which eventually helps to reduce pollution.

New Technical Regulation by SASO

According to the new technical regulation by SASO, starting 1st January, 2018, it is now MANDATORY for exporters and importers of water consumption Sanitary Appliances and Tapwares to have their roducts labeled in alignment with SASO Water Efficiency Labeling Program.


The regulation intends to preserve the national resources, the national economy and its gains in whole, besides minimizing the costs of power for the individual and ordinary consumer.

Joined Hands to Conserve Water

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization SASO
Motabaqah International Laboratories Company MI
Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) authorizes Motabaqah International Laboratories Company (MI) to provide THREE kinds of services.


Testing Services

Our Construction & Building Materials Testing Laboratory tests Water Consumption Sanitary Appliances and Tapwares for Water

Check the Table Below for your product and test result.

Registration Services

Motabaqah International Laboratories Company is authorized by SASO to provide registration services in order to apply for this certification. This service is rendered for all parts of the documents.

Let us do the job!

  1. Free Water Label with an A in Test Report
  2. Fast Customs Clearance
  3. Certification Validity lasts 1 year
  4. A supplier shall be officially registered at the competent official body.
  5. The product shall fulfill all conformity assessment procedures.
  6. Product shall be included in the scope.
  7. A manufacturer shall have an efficient quality management system.
  8. Supplier shall submit the conformity declaration.

Technical Study/Review Services

We are also certified by SASO as a third party to review your application documents and assist with any hurdles you may face.

All you need to do is, relax, and we will review it for you.

Your Water Efficiency Label will look like this

Affixation of the Label to Your Product’s Package