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What is Under-Run Protective Device & Why is it Important

Look at the terrible accident?! Wonder, how did it happen?!
How did that car get under the truck?!
Sometimes very simple things in life can hurt so much.
A small negligence can lead you to major losses.
Thousands are killed this way in car/truck accidents in Saudi Arabia.
Come learn to keep your family and your community safe on roads.
Learn to avoid such treacherous accidents from happening on our highways.

What Is An Under-Run Protective Device?

See that horizontal bar mounted behind the rear wheels of the trailer? That’s the Under-run Protection Bar:
It is also installed on the front and the sides

How Does It Work?

Accidents are designed to be bumper-to-bumper contact. This is because modern cars are constructed to keep the passenger compartment intact, whilst allowing the front and rear crumple zones to absorb the majority of the impact.
Crash test research has shown that this can reduce injury to the passenger.


Trucks have large overhangs and no bumper
A – Pillars
The A-pillars of a car are not designed to absorb or resist impacts. As a result, the passenger compartment takes the full brunt of the impact. This causes severe head and upper body injuries to the passengers. These type of accidents have an extremely high fatality rate.
As a result, in the case of a collision, the smaller and lower vehicle tends to “ride under” the truck’s long overhang
You can see how the rear end of a truck has deformed the A-pillars (ie. the vertical pillars on either side of the windshield):
That’s where the Under-run protection bar comes in. Think of it as a bumper for trucks:
The Under-run protection bar (front, rear, sides) enables small and large vehicles to make bumper-to-bumper contact. This greatly reduces fatalities & serious injuries to the occupants in the car.

PROBLEM: A lot of under-ride bars are not constructed well enough. This causes them to collapse when they are hit hard, or just on one side. This results in the car traveling under the truck.

Who Mandates this Requirement – SASO


Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization has issued several technical regulations that require all trucks and trailers to be equipped with rear, front and side under-run protective devices, in order to provide effective protection against the possibility of small vehicles going under trucks and trailers during accidents. These cause significant human and material losses.
SASO has launched a media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of under-run protective devices in trucks and trailers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Public Transport Authority, General Department of Traffic, Special Forces Roads Security and the Saudi Customs.

What role does Motabaqah International Play

Motabaqah International Laboratories Co.

Motabaqah is a closed joint stock company that owns more than 18 testing and inspection labs spread across major cities of KSA and Saudi Custom Ports. The organization has offices in GCC and MENA region with operation staff around 1,560employees.
Motabaqah is the communicator and trainer between SASO and the business owners.
Client →→→→ Motabaqah →→→→SASO
Motabaqah plays a major role in the safety of our citizens by helping our clients inspect their Under-Run Protective Device (front, rear, sides) and Issue the Certificate of Conformity We make sure the protective devices mounted on the vehicles match SASO Standards.

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