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Vehicle Testing & Inspection

Vehicle Testing & Inspection Vehicles Inspection & Testing Laboratory is the first specialized lab in the kingdom that has the ultimate license from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry along with international accreditation based on the international standard specification (ISO 17025:2005). The laboratory tests and calibrates all types of vehicles such as passenger cars, pick-ups, heavy…


Toys Testing Lab

Toys Testing Lab (TTL) Toys Testing Laboratory is one of the company’s prominent labs at ‘Motabaqah International (MI) Laboratories’ for issuance of test reports for Toy Products. Learn More Motabaqah Toy Testing Laboratory enables clients to:Eliminate manufacturing downtime due to unexpected problems or defectsCompress timetablesEliminate production setbacksAvoid costly reworkThe laboratory improves clients overall product quality…


Textile testing

Textile testing Laboratory Where Each Thread Carries Quality Quality control and process control assume great importance in any production activity, more so when one is dealing with a high variable and expensive material like silk. Learn More Introduction Motabaqah, Textile Testing Laboratory offers an unequalled testing service that will expedite market entry and reduce client’…


Petroleum Products Testing

Petroleum Product Quality Tests include a wide range of fuels, motor oils, mechanical oils, and transformer oils. We provide fast and economical characterization of fundamental fuel properties. The laboratory serves the needs of the Petrochemical Industry in the Kingdom. Learn More Get the most out of every drop Petroleum Products Testing Crude oil is a…


Food Testing Laboratory

Food Testing Laboratory Eat Your Food with Confidence! Food hygiene and safety prevent germs from multiplying in foods and reaching dangerous levels. It keeps one healthy and prevents the extra cost of buying drugs and medical check-up. It minimizes the rate at which one can contact food poisoning. Expertise Testing, Assurance & Training are our…


Car Spare Parts Testing

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Principles of our work



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