Quality Policy


Motabaqah is committed towards providing value to its customers, through delivering reliable services with the highest levels of quality. We aim to meet our commitments by:

  1. Ensuring that our testing processes conform to the specifications published by national and international standard organizations including but not limited to ISO17025 and other regulatory agencies while meeting the specific requirements of our customers
  2. Providing accurate test results and professional laboratory practices Assuring that our staff is committed to understand and implement our quality management system, policies and procedures
  3. Training our staff to assure performance, efficiency, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction to our customers on a continuous basis and in accordance with market demands
  4. Allocating needed resources to guarantee technical competency in facilities and activities while continuously improving laboratories’ capabilities, benchmarked to the best practices in business excellence.

This quality policy statement is communicated, made available and understood to all employees and periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.