Toys Testing Lab

Toys Testing Lab

(TTL) Toys Testing Laboratory is one of the company’s prominent labs at ‘Motabaqah International (MI) Laboratories’ for issuance of test reports for Toy Products.

Motabaqah Toy Testing Laboratory enables clients to:
Eliminate manufacturing downtime due to unexpected problems or defects
Compress timetables
Eliminate production setbacks
Avoid costly rework
The laboratory improves clients overall product quality at a much lower cost – opening your offices to a world of opportunities.

Expanding Materials
Toys attached to Food
Aquatic Toys and Inflatable Toys
Plastic and Painting Substances
Toys containing a Non-Electrical Heat Source
Protruding Parts
Acoustic Toys and similar toys that produce sound
Liquid-Filled Toys

All types of toys from 0-14 Y with toy packaging
Toys with folding and sliding mechanisms
Driving Mechanisms
Toy Scooters
Toys intended to bear the mass of a Child
Cords, Chains and Electrical Cables in Toys
Points and Metallic Wires,


As the most intimate friends of children, toys are of vital importance to the intellectual development and health of children. They are indispensable consumer products during the children’s growth. However, there are some hazards that may bring harm to children and even threaten their health. In view of the particularity of normal behavior of children and their development, countries and regions have been imposed more stringent requirements for the quality and safety of toys and children’s products.
Motabaqah Toys Testing recognized lab, can render you professional toy testing services.

Toys Testing

Motabaqah Toy Testing laboratory is an independent laboratory established to ensure that toys imported to Saudi Arabia meet local safety requirements and aims to assist manufacturers/companies in the toy industry to comply with local and global toy safety requirements pertaining to physical/mechanical, flammability and chemical testing.

It is the only Toy Testing Laboratory in Saudi Arabia capable of providing a global standard of service on safety requirements of toy that includes SASO, GSO EN 71, EN 71 and ASTM standards.
Our laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited by Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO).

After sales services

  • Motabaqah’s expert technicians help customers enhance their products and advise on how to use the product post testing.
  • Active Customer Service makes sure we address complains and provide feedback.

Additional Benefits of Testing with us!

  • Pre-Shipment Testing – Get the pre-shipment testing to ensure zero delays at customs.
  • Product Improvement – Your product is enhanced by our experts team.Quick Turn Around Time
  • Certificate of Conformity (COC)– We assist in providing CoC.
  • Saudi Quality Mark – With us, obtain SASO Quality Mark for your products.
  • International Recognition – Our test reports are approved and recognized locally & globally.

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