Petroleum Products Testing

Petroleum Product Quality Tests include

a wide range of fuels, motor oils, mechanical oils, and transformer oils. We provide fast and economical characterization of fundamental fuel properties. The laboratory serves the needs of the Petrochemical Industry in the Kingdom.

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Petroleum Products Testing

Crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, non-hydrocarbon organic compounds containing N, S, O, and organometallic (e.g., Ni, Fe, and V) compounds. Petroleum laboratories test crude oil, fuels and other petroleum refined products.

Petroleum Products Testing Laboratory is one of the company’s star labs at ‘Motabaqah International Laboratories for issuance of test reports for Petroleum Testing Products.

Test Category

Chemical Testing (Petroleum Products)

Fuel Products
Fuel gas
Petrochemicals & Petroleum Products
Lube oil
Engine Oil
Gear Oil
Motor Oil
Transformer Oil
Transmission Fluids

Additional Benefits of Testing with us!

  • Pre-Shipment Testing – Get the pre-shipment testing to ensure zero delays at customs.
  • Product Improvement – Your product is enhanced by our experts team.Quick Turn Around Time
  • Certificate of Conformity (COC)– We assist in providing CoC.
  • Saudi Quality Mark – With us, obtain SASO Quality Mark for your products.
  • International Recognition – Our test reports are approved and recognized locally & globally.

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