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Our Story

Motabaqah International Laboratories, Limited/Mixed Co. is one of the largest companies in Saudi in the Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) business assisting government entities and private sector to develop their businesses by assuring quality and safety for their assets, processes and products.

Today, MOTABAQAH is one of the fast growing companies in its fields, working as a partner with the multinational groups, local companies and the government bodies to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of each segment of industry: oil & gas, automotive, construction, transportation, energy, etc.

To achieve our goals, we apply the most modern technologies and methods in testing, inspection and certification services.

Brief History

MOTABAQAH is a rapidly growing company founded in 2006 with the regulation of the private laboratories, owned and operated in Saudi Arabia.
Using state-of-the-art technology, we have continued to grow and provide socially responsible services and in doing so contributed to the growth of the technology both in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.
Covering 10 different industry sectors, Motabaqah operates more than 18 testing laboratories all over the kingdom. These laboratories provide consumer safety by protecting daily activities of the citizens.
Moreover, the company specializes in establishing new laboratories to cover emerging industries, sectors or consumer’s related product safety services.

Our Purpose

Making quality and safety a way of life


We aim to be the First-Choice provider of unmatched Testing, Inspection, & Certification with comprehensive and advanced technological solutions in the laboratories’ field.


To exceed our customers’ expectations by continuously developing, improving and optimizing our staff and services


Integrity, Committment & Efficiency are our core values that guide us in all we do to build our organization

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring that our testing processes conform to the specifications published by national and international standard organizations including but not limited to ISO17025 and other regulatory agencies while meeting the specific requirements of our customers
  • Providing accurate test results and professional laboratory practices
  • Assuring that our staff is committed to understand and implement our quality management system, policies and procedures
  • Training our staff to assure performance, efficiency, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction to our customers on a continuous basis and in accordance with market demands
  • Allocating needed resources to guarantee technical competency in facilities and activities while continuously improving laboratories’ capabilities, benchmarked to the best practices in business excellence.

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