Consultancy & Quality Management System (QMS):

A quality system is not just a badge - it's about bringing real and ongoing benefits to your organization.

At Motabaqah International we help our clients to implement quality management systems that not only meet their needs and certification requirements but also bring significant business benefits. These include:

  • Increased client confidence and satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and increased productivity
  • Reduced costs due to reduced errors and rework
  • Positive impact on company profile and reputation
  • Improved staff motivation

What We Deliver?

  • Quality Manual – Covers the policies followed by the Organization
  • Quality/Technical Procedures
  • Quality/Technical Forms
  • Working Instruction for Equipment


Motabaqah, a company with a strong infrastructure consisting of Human Resource, Facilities and Equipment provides “Infrastructure Training Services”.
This services includes:

Human Resource Training

Technical Training

Equipment Installation & Training

Importing the Equipment

Designing Infrastructure for Laboratories & Admin Building


Motabaqah International, besides assisting organizations in meeting their quality management requirements, also provides “Quality Training” including:

Quality Standards


ISO 9001


ISO 17025


ISO 17020