Additional benefits of testing with us!

Pre-Shipment Testing – Get the pre-shipment testing to ensure zero delays at customs.

Product Improvement – Your product is enhanced by our experts team.

Quick Turn Around Time

Certificate of Conformity (COC)– We assist in providing CoC.

Saudi Quality Mark – With us, obtain SASO Quality Mark for your products.

International Recognition – Our test reports are approved and recognized locally & globally.

Additional Services by Motabaqah International

Technical Training

Motabaqah International’s team can provide consultation and technical trainings pertaining Under-Run Protective Device like welding, technicalities etc. giving details on where and where not, how and how not to install the Protective Device.
Including Technical Testing:
Cross-Section of the device
Dimension of the bar

Quality Management System

A well-articulated, thoughtful and managed quality policy is one of the fundamental building blocks of an effective quality management system. It should incorporate your company’s purpose, intentions and be a driving force for setting your quality objectives.

Motabaqah International is pleased to assist its clients in preparation, creation and implementation of the Quality Management System.

What We Will Check

The information about ALL the employees of the company (Personnel Information)
Calibration of their equipment
Working area conditions (Environment, Temp, Housekeeping)
Job descriptions
Matching qualification with the job description
It can be considered as auditing of the whole company. (Test Method, Tools’ Handling, Test Reports etc.)
COST: SAR 10K = Preparation, Creation and Implementation of the Quality Management System

Durations: Inspection Procedure Time Frame

1 Day for Inspection

5 Days to receive the Conformity Certificate

14 Days for corrective action

20 Days: Quality Inspection Procedure Time Frame

Time to Take Action

You will have ONLY 14 days to take corrective action (CAR corrective Action Report). If during these 14 days the client does not close all the NCs (Non-Conformities), it will face severe consequences. If failed, no refund is made and the company will face a lot of losses.

14 Days Time


If the final result is pass (Technical & Quality), we prepare the final report and send it to SASO to print the certificate .


If the final result is failed (Technical & Quality), the client then has 14 days’ time for corrective action

14 Days for corrective action

Golden Rule: Try your best to avoid following trucks on the highway (especially ones without under-ride bars!).

Remember the -2second rule when following any vehicles. Keep a very safe distance.

Avoid driving at night (abandoned trucks with no rear lighting, slow-moving trucks with dirt-covered lights, etc.).

Avoid driving in poor visibility conditions

There’s plenty of other good reasons not to follow trucks too: they obstruct your visibility of the road ahead, they throw up dirt onto your windshield and kick up stones as well. A lot of trucks don’t have well maintained brake lights or a high-mounted 3rd brake light either.

Once The next time you’re out on the highway, make a note of how many trucks are devoid of under-run protection, then remember this thread and drive safe!