G-Mark certification

Gulf Conformity mark, also known as G-mark is a certification mark used to indicate products that conform to all technical regulations of the Gulf Cooperation Council. It means that the G-marked products meet all requirements of the corresponding technical regulations and have passed all conformity assessment procedures. The mark was introduced in 2009.

GSO Technical Regulations require suppliers of certain goods to go through checks on their products to see if they are “fit” for the Gulf countries’ common market, meaning they are safe to use and of good quality.

These check procedures make up the “Conformity Assessment” and require the manufacturer to involve independent third-party organizations (Like MOTABAQAH) to determine if their products meet the Gulf standards.

Only MOTABAQAH and similar bodies, which have been approved by the GCC Standardization Organization as competent and impartial and which are publically listed in its register may be called “Notified Bodies”.

Notified Bodies are an essential part of the GSO quality infrastructure and help to ensure only safe and quality goods complying with the requirements of the Gulf Technical Regulations can reach the consumers in the Gulf countries.

Is Motabaqah a notified body?

Yes, Motabaqah is a notified body for G-Mark certification on both LVD and Toys scopes under the notification number 0001 as can be reviewed on GSO notified bodies webpage.

What is the importance and advantage of obtaining the mark?

  1. International recognition of the product conformity
  2. Fulfilling a mandatory requirement for distributing the product in GCC market.
  • The domestic manufacturer or importer applies to a Notified Body (such as MOTABAQAH)
  • Toys are tested to the GCC Technical Regulation on Children’s Toys (BD-13170-01) by an approved laboratory and certified by a Notified Body (MOTABAQAH)
  • Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances are tested to the GCC Technical Regulation on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances (BD-142004-01) by an approved laboratory and certified by a Notified Body (MOTABAQAH)
  • On successful completion of the LVD/Toy assessment, the domestic manufacturer or importer will receive a certificate and place the G-Mark on the product and/or its packaging.

The general requirements for the marking of products are stipulated in the Gulf Regulation on G-Marking – BD09100501. As detailed below for certain product groups in the scope of the Technical Regulation the certification by a Notified Body is mandatory. These products will be registered in the product tracking system of GSO and have to display the “Gulf Conformity Tracking Symbol” (GCTS) on the product itself and on its packaging. 

Low Voltage Electrical Equipment & Appliances:

MOTABAQAH will evaluate technical requirements and documentation and provide the risk analysis for products such as household appliances, plugs, socket outlets, chargers and other similar products.

Children’s Toys

must fulfill all particular safety requirements listed under the technical regulation related to physical, mechanical, chemical, flammability, electrical, hygiene and radioactive properties.

List 1 Regulated Products: Self-declaration conformity assessment

Regarding manufacturing procedures and processes, manufacturers of List 1 products must have a system in place—typically a factory quality control system—in order to ensure products are being manufactured and assembled in a controlled manner. This includes production line testing to confirm the product quality and integrity so as to maintain conformity within the design intent.

Once all these elements have been completed the manufacturer can affix the proper G Marking on the product and draw up a written Declaration of Conformity.

List 2 Regulated Products: Requiring Notified Body (NB) Involvement

Manufacturers must choose a single Notified Body (NB) entity, such as MOTABAQAH, to examine the technical design of a product and verify that it meets the requirements of the applicable Gulf Technical Regulations. This will help the issuance of an evaluation report with a Gulf Type Examination Certificate.

The Notified Body must also ensure the manufacturing has a production quality system implemented in order to confirm that the product is being manufactured in accordance to the technical specifications.

The product manufacturer still must create a Technical Construction file for each model of product, and this documentation must include a risk analysis / assessment report and test reports, among the other additional documentation requirements noted for List 1 products, but with the inclusion of the Notified Body’s issued evaluation report with Type Examination Certificate.

Product categories within List 2 are primarily in the area of Home Appliances, such as:

  • Food Grinders and Mixers, Fruit or Vegetable Juice Extractors
  • Electro-thermic Hair-dressing Apparatus and Hand Dryers
  • Other Ovens; Cookers, Cooking Plates, Boiling Rings, Grillers & Roasters
  • Electric Instantaneous or Storage Water Heaters and Immersion Heaters
  • Plugs, Socket Outlets, Adaptors, Cord Extension Sets and Chargers

Low voltage Electrical & Appliances ______ 2500 ______ Children’s ______ Toys____ 1500

  • Written Declaration form that the same application has not been lodged with any other notified body
  • G Mark Certification Agreement form
  • Manufacturer/ Importer Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
  • Manufacturer /Importer Commercial Registry Certificate
  • Product Safety Test Report from GAC or other NB or IEC recognized report & EMC Test report Clear Photo of the Product
  • Safety Instruction Manual
  • A general description of the product
  • Manufacturer’s Risk Analysis
  • A detailed description, with conceptual design and manufacturing drawings, including list of components
  • Results of design calculation made, examinations carried, etc.
  • Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • A written mandate (for Authorized Representative only)